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Frequently Asked Questions


How Accurate is the 5 Axis?

Accuracy and repeatability is just like your full 4th in your HMC. The resolution is 0.0011, which means that there are 888.88 steps per degree of movement. Not only will the drive go exactly where you need it, it will go back there every time with a repeatability of ± 5 Arc Seconds.

What is the Max Torque on gears?

300ftlbs is our standard torque rating. This can handle most applications. (remember this is 12 inches from center) We do offer max torque ratings up to 900ftlb.

Will the Indexer/5th return to Zero?

Yes. The drive has a machine zero or user reference zero / work offset zero similar to your machining center.

Can I move the drives independently?

Yes. The drives can be moved simultaneously or independently or in the same or different direction. Sample: A1*90, A2*360, A3*180, A4*270, any configuration will work up to 999.999 We also have a feature that will allow the drive to move consistently for a specific time. Times are configured by user.

Using your KME CNC System

How to program the control box?

The KME box is one of the simplest control boxes in the industry and yet its the most powerful. It is not necessary to program the KME Control Box you can control the Tombstone, Trunnion or Indexer directly from your Machine Controller using g-code. If you wish to program the box and use the box directly you can.

Can I use the machine controller?

In most cases you don’t need to use or program our KME control box. Your able to use the RS-232 port in your CNC machine and run the tombstone just like it was a true 5th. All Programming then would be done at the CNC machine control using a DPRNT command. Changing your (C) commands from your g-code to DPRNT (C) commands.

How many movements per M-code?

Each M-code will signal one command to the device. The one command can be for one single drive movement, or 1-4 drive simultaneous movement, or 1-4 drive independent movement.

Will Tombstone work in a pallet pool?

Yes, KME CNC’s Wireless Tombstone Allows for tombstone to be integrated in a pallet pool application.

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