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About 5-Axis Machining and KME CNC

Complex components for milling require multiple setups and specific fixturing for intricate details. These setups entail dedicated fixturing that can be limited by the lack of part volume. In essence, the volume of parts does not justify the cumbersome work and hours dedicated towards manufacturing such fixtures. As we all know, setups are the most important aspect of the machining process but also the most difficult and monotonous. Given the current trend of manufacturing, it becomes imperative for shops to reduce their setups, i.e costs, by upgrading to 5-axis to keep up with their respective demands. This is where KME CNC comes into play, making the transition as seamless as possible with its various product offering.

95% of manufactured parts need 5-axis positioning and not full contouring

about.jpg KME CNC Systems allow shops to meet their production demands in addition to helping them take on additional jobs they previously could not have accommodated. The majority of 5-axis users are not in need of full 5-axis contouring as most jobs can be completed with 3 + 2 setup. Furthermore, KME CNC’s 5-Axis Systems help shops realize high degree accuracies, a crucial requirement in the manufacturing world. By maintaining a single point of holding on a particular part, machine tools have the ability to machine the first point and move to a second point with absolutely no relative deviation. Theoretically, the position of each point within the five faces will be perfect in relation to the machine tool’s capability.

      - Gerard Vacio referring to operator’s handling of a complex part

KME CNC is unmatched at transforming existing 3-axis vertical machining centers and 4-axis horizontal machining centers into 5-axis production machines. KME CNC 5 Axis Systems work in conjunction with the machines you already have and all of the popular workholding solutions you are already using to make the transition to 5-axis as seamless as possible. All CNC machines have their own brains, their own memory, and their own independent controller that allows them to interface with the desired equipment. KME CNC’s Tombstones and Trunnions are able to completely integrate with existing control systems, so you do not need to program the control unit. Our units work with direct g-code from your machine controls. KME CNC makes the transition to 5-axis as seamless as possible.

What Guides Us

Built for Precision, Built to Last

Every base for every tombstone, trunnion and indexer is machined from a solid block of Meehanite, the same cast iron used in high-end CNC machine castings. Even though the process is longer, the added strength and rigidity are worth it. Even our covers are machined billet, minimizing any chance of a harmonic vibration from the use of sheet metal. At the heart of every system is the harmonic drive motor. Adopting the concept from the robotics industry and applying it to the needs of metalworking, KME is able to offer 300 foot pounds of torque on even our smallest rotary table on up to 900 ft-lb workhorses. KME’s harmonic drives are guaranteed for a lifetime of zero backlash, while bearings are guaranteed for 10,000 hours.

Highest Standard of Customer Service

Our products come with personal care along with a devoted development team that ensures our customers receive the highest standard of excellent customer service. Whether you choose a standard model or need a custom 5-axis system, we will build a solution to match your specific machining needs including different drive configurations, large or smaller sizes, fewer or more platters. KME CNC is dedicated to making every customer a customer for life.

Dedicated to Keeping Manufacturing in the USA

All of KME’s design, manufacturing, assembly, and programing is done in the USA in our Southern California facility. Even the control units are manufactured on site. You are welcome to visit our fully equipped testing facility in Irvine, California to see how a KME system can benefit you business. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with us.

Our Capacities

KME CNC can design and build custom solutions to meet your specific machining needs. Our facility is fully equipped to test workholding and programs for customers before installing our systems. Complete integration, we will set up and install all systems.