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Wireless 5 Axis Machining on your HMC!

Turn your (HMC) Horizontal Machining Center into a 5 Axis Production Machine. KME CNC has developed a wireless 5 axis System that is built right into the tombstone. You can have four 5 axis drives on a standard tombstone or a custom setup with up to six 5 axis drives on each side of the tombstone. In return, this will allow you to have twelve 5 axis units on one wireless tombstone! With two wireless tombstones, twenty four 5 axis parts ready to be machined while sharing tools with twelve parts at the same, minimizing tool changes in your HMC.

Compact, But Yet The Pitbull of 5 Axis Trunnions!

KME looked long and hard at the current technology when designing this beast. We took everything into consideration. We asked customers that have been specifically using current on the market trunnions what changes they would like to see and what changes could better a trunnion. So we did just as they asked: KME's trunnion is so compact and so powerful that most companies that are using this Turnnion confirm that they have been able to witness some of the best surface finishes they have encountered. By the way, no additional drive cards necessary!

Rotary Tables! Flexibility You Can't Beat!

KME's rotary tables can be used in many different applications. Use it as a simple 4th Axis, Install it on your 4th axis and turn the 4th axis it into a 5 Axis. Mount it on your HMC's pallet and turn the HMC into a 5 Axis. This little compact unit has a torque rating that is unmatchable. KME has developed this unit with Nickel Plating, on request this unit is submersible so you can us it in your EDM Machines and Hole Poppers.

5 Axis Wireless Tombstones

5 Axis Tombstones

KME CNC has developed state of the art 5 Axis System. Our Wireless 5 Axis Tombstone is the future in Horizontal Machining Centers.

5 Axis Trunnions

5 Axis Trunnions

KME CNC Trunnion is the most compact and rigid in its class. Made of Cast Iron and total height of 8.38 inches table to platter!

Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables

Turn your 4th Into a 5th. If your Vertical Mill is set up with a 4th axis and you want 5th for simple positioning KME has one for you.